Business Law

The Eldridge Law Firm PLLC provides a wide variety of legal services to our business clients including assisting in selecting the type of organizational entity under which to operate, negotiating and preparing business agreements, assisting in the sale and purchase of a business, for business operations, and assisting in dissolution or business succession. We are also knowledgeable in Employer / Employee Relations, Shareholder Agreements, Shareholder / Partner Disputes, Leases and Contracts.

Local and International Company Incorporation / Registrations

Do you plan to set up a business? The Eldridge Law Firm PLLC can assist in the formation of your business entity, whether it’s a Limited Liability Company or Partnership etc. We can guide you through the entity formation process, including selecting the type of entity which best suits the type of business. We handle company incorporations in the following locations

  • Dallas, Texas USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Republic of Seychelles
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Republic of Mauritius
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Republic of Ghana
  • Republic of Kenya
  • Cameroon

Contract Drafting and Review

With some of the best contract drafting and contract review minds, The Eldridge Law Firm PLLC will be happy to handle your business briefs, offer suggestions and legal advice for better terms and company growth. We offer and can assist you through negotiations, settlement, mediation, arbitration and any other related contractual matter.

Documentation and Corporate Law

Our services include

  • Corporate Governance
  • Negotiations
  • Company Secretariat functions
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements and other complex contracts
  • Business advice
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance

Trademark Registration

We provide detailed legal counsel in the areas of trademark registration and trade secret, protecting what makes our clients business unique.


The Eldridge Law Firm PLLC offers its corporate clients competent patent services, safeguarding their most important assets. Services include patentability assessment; patent application, preparation and prosecution in the United States.


The Eldridge Law Firm PLLC offers the following services

  • Copyright Searches
  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Analysis, Studies and Opinions